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How it works

How it works

1# Request Access

You can make a request by completing this form. You will receive an email usually in less than 24h with an activation link to setup your Stripe powered Affiliate dashboard. In your dashboard, you will be able to accurately manage your payments with statistic, goals and projections.

2# Invite Users, get Paid

Receive commissions up to 50% when users you invited upgrade, as showed in the commissions table below. You will receive your commissions at the end of the month with a detailed monthly recap via email.

Innovative Commissions

We prefer long term relationships, and our commissions reflect that.

You will receive the same fee for renewals, which count as new sales.

* Commissions percentage applied after Tax and Transaction Fees.

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No time constraints. Invite someone and you will get your fee when they upgrade, even years later.

As we offer yearly subscriptions, get paid for the year in advance.

The more you sell, the more percentage you get.

Easily manage your upcoming payments with a dedicated dashboard.

Monthly detailed breakdowns.

Priority support (Text and Audio).

Get 5 free notes per user invited, even if they don't upgrade.

Get percentage on affiliates you invite (upon contacting us).

Coming Soon: Exclusive training material.

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