Easily Take, Record &
Share your Notes
From any webpage

When you find something valuable online,
eiNote it.
Whenever you come back, we'll retrieve it for you.
Built to make you think, live and work smarter.

With eiNote you can take notes in seconds from any webpage and Mmanage your web experience.

Unlock the Power of your

You don't need all those tabs,
We'll keep track of your links for you.
Type less & achieve more.

Ted talk below our voice note productivity chrome extension

Shape your Web,
From any Page


Visit any webpage


Take notes


Review and rearrange as you need

Dashboard of the eiNote note productivity tool and chrome extension

Notable Features, Hidden Benefits

And so much more...

Add multiple links and tags to notes.

Sort or use advanced search by content, link, tag or even date.

Get notes stats such as characters, words, sentences count and more...

Share your note in one click with a link, via email, or socials. Export to Notion coming soon.

Download or print your notes in one click.

Directly add images, playable videos, drawings and even comments to your notes.

Accurate Speech to Text in 32+ languages.

Listen to your notes.

A Notable Experience

As a writer, this has vastly improved my process. No more switching between tabs to find my document, just tap on eiNote and start writing. Love it.

Jason Love - Writer, eiNote User

Ei, Note with us!